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The Faith House started with one house and now we have grown to six male houses, one female house and a Veteran Priority house for males. 27.e Documentation that resident and staff engage in community relations and interactions to promote kinship with other recovery communities and goodwill for recovery services. A weekly schedule details recovery support services, events and activities. Evidence that residents increase recovery capital through such things as recovery support and community service, work/employment, etc. To refer an ATR participant for sober home assistance and placement, authorized portals should complete this referral form and upload any required documentation.

  • Are you a state agency, licensed provider, individual, or family looking for a MASH-certified sober home?
  • Evidence that residents’ recovery progress and challenges are recognized and strengths are celebrated.
  • Written permission from the property owner of record (if the owner is other than the sober home operator) to operate a sober home on the property.
  • In 2007, eight sober home operators established the nonprofit Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing.
  • Evidence that some rules are made by the residents that the residents (not the staff) implement.
  • Visit the for a list of all sober houses, including certified sober houses, in Massachusetts and throughout the United States.

Policies and procedures that keep residents’ records secure, with access limited to authorized staff. A policy and practice documenting that a resident is fully informed regarding refund policies prior to the individual entering into a binding agreement. Verification that laundry services are accessible to all residents. Evidence that supervisors (including top management) create a positive, productive work environment for staff. Evidence that residents’ recovery progress and challenges are recognized and strengths are celebrated.


Verification that Naloxone is accessible at each location, and appropriate individuals are knowledgeable and trained in its use. 19.a Verification that emergency numbers, procedures (including overdose and other emergency responses) and evacuation maps are posted in conspicuous locations. Operator will attest that electrical, mechanical, and structural components of the property are functional and free of fire and safety hazards. Policy prohibits the use of alcohol and/or illicit drug use or seeking.

As More Sober Houses Seek Certification, Challenges Arise – GBH News

As More Sober Houses Seek Certification, Challenges Arise.

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Certified sober homes have comfortable spaces for living, sleeping, and engaging with peers, all of which make them valuable and safe spaces for recovery. In 2011, the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR) established national standards for sober houses. NARR began to affiliate with state-level organizations to promote evidence-based standards for sober houses and other residential recovery programs and centers. MASH affiliated with NARR and helps promote these standards at sober houses across Massachusetts. Boston Sober Homes is a M.A.S.H certified sober housing company for those who are serious about their recovery and sobriety. Our mission is to provide clean, comfortable accommodations in a positive environment for those looking to live a sober lifestyle.

Providing clean, safe, comfortable space needed for individuals to succeed in their recovery.

Verification that a meeting space is large enough to accommodate all residents. Job descriptions require staff to facilitate access to local community-based resources. Evidence that residents have opportunities to be heard in the governance of the residence; however, decision making remains with the operator. Verification that mash certified sober homes written resident’s rights and requirements (e.g. residence rules and grievance process) are posted or otherwise available in common areas. Amenities include on site laundry, air conditioning, parking, full kitchens, living/dining rooms and quick access to public transportation. Our staff is kind, thoughtful and approachable.

Peer support interactions among residents are facilitated to expand responsibilities for personal and community recovery. Grievance policy and procedures, including the right to take grievances that are not resolved by the house leadership to the operation’s oversight organization for mediation. Policies and procedures regarding collection of resident’s information.

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If you or a loved one is in need of a sober living environment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. In 2007, eight sober house operators established the Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing. Legislation in 2014 created voluntary certification of Massachusetts sober houses, and MASH began managing voluntary statewide sober home certification in 2016. We strive to create a mutual respect and accountability culture where residents can feel comfortable and secure in their journey toward lasting recovery. Through community involvement, holistic wellness practices, and evidence-based therapies, we aim to help our residents build the foundation for a fulfilling and sustainable life in recovery.

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Verification that each resident has food storage space. Policies and procedures for ongoing performance development of staff appropriate to staff roles and residence level. Policies and procedures that serve the priority population, which at a minimum include persons in recovery from substance use but may also include other demographic criteria. Evidence that staff are encouraged to have a network of support. Evidence that some rules are made by the residents that the residents (not the staff) implement.

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Are you a state agency, licensed provider, individual, or family looking for a MASH-certified sober home? Search our directory to find a list of all MASH-certified sober homes. All MASH-certified sober homes follow the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR) standards and have been independently inspected. At Faith House Communities, we believe that recovery is a lifelong process and we are committed to supporting our residents every step of the way.