Legal and Business Discussions with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Brad Pitt

Arnold Schwarzenegger Brad Pitt
Hey Brad, have you heard about the state covid leave laws in California? Yes, Arnold. Employers must comply with these laws to ensure employees can take time off if they are affected by COVID-19.
What about federal laws that apply to different business structures? It depends on the type of business. For example, corporations have different legal requirements compared to sole proprietorships.
I recently had to draft a request letter for office stationery. Do you have any tips? It’s important to be clear and professional in such communications, Arnold. The right language can make a big difference.
What do you know about criminal law in the Philippines? Well, it covers the prosecution of individuals who commit crimes against the state or against individuals.
Have you ever considered getting a gas-powered street legal golf cart for your property? Not really, Arnold. But it’s interesting to know that they are available and legal for use.
Are there any interesting legal internships in Las Vegas that you know of? Las Vegas has a growing legal scene, and there are definitely opportunities for aspiring lawyers and legal interns.
Do you have a template for a free Spanish rental agreement that I can use? There are many resources online that offer free templates for various legal documents, including rental agreements.
Brad, what’s your understanding of the appeal on point of law? It’s a legal term that refers to appealing a court decision based on an error of law, rather than an error of fact.
I need some guidance on including contract assignment language in a document. Any tips? It’s crucial to be specific and clear in such language, to avoid any potential disputes in the future.
Have you ever considered getting a custom street legal golf cart? That sounds like a fun idea, Arnold. It’s great to know that there are customization options available for these vehicles.